Our statistics department contains 1 associate professor and 3 assistant professors who conduct researches in theoretical and applied fields. Accordingly, our academic staff have curriculums compatible with their areas of expertise. The program consists of at least 7 courses that contain more than 120 ECTS (European Credit Accumulation and Transfer System) with a specialized field topic, seminar and thesis work.

The objective of the Statistics Graduate Program is to educate individuals who are investigative, inquisitive, predisposed to collaborate, and who have mastery in the field of statistics. .

Graduates of this program can be employed in different levels of state and foundation universities and public and private institutions (e.g., State Planning Organization, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Turkish Statistical Institute, Turkish Employment Institution etc.).

Academic Staff:

Assoc. Prof.  EMEL ÇANKAYA
Assist. Prof. DEMET AYDIN (Head of Department) 
Assist. Prof. OLCAY ALPAY

For lessons and other details: https://obs.sinop.edu.tr/oibs/bologna/