History Graduate Program has started to admit students since 2014-2015 academic year. Master’s programs with thesis and non-thesis in History Department are conducted as formal education.

Objectives and Qualifications

The aims of the master’s programs with thesis and non-thesis are to gain the ability of accessing, evaluating, interpreting to the knowledge, criticizing and offering solution besides the ability of doing scientific research. The students who have successfully completed the Master of Science program (master’s with thesis and non-thesis master’s program) are educated as individuals adopted with the necessary qualifications in the academic field. The graduated students are trained as scientists who have acquired knowledge and skills (post-doctoral academic areas) in History and Social Sciences. The students have the perfection to work in various institutions such as archives, museums and libraries with the except of the academy.

Master’s Program with Thesis

Acceptance Process

Application, evaluation and student admission requirements are presented below.

-Application Requirements

Having a Bachelor’s Degree

To have a score of at least 55 points in the test types required for admission on the ALES (Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam) or equivalent score on an exam which is considered equivalent to ALES by YÖK (Council of Higher Education)

Foreign language score is not required for Master’s Programs with thesis.

-Evaluation Requirements and Student Admission

Grade Point Average (GPA) of the candidate is evaluated according to grading system over 100 points. For candidates who do not have a grade over 100 points, the equivalence table determined by YÖK is used.

The sum of 50% of ALES score, 40% of GPA, (if any) 10% of foreign language score is calculated. Foreign language score of the candidates who do not have a foreign language score is accepted as zero.

In order for the candidate to be considered successful, the totals must be 60 points or above.

The scores obtained from the evaluation are ranked starting from the highest one. The number of permanent candidates is equal to the quota and the other students who apply are announced as substitute candidates. (Student announcements on the Institute web site should be followed since more than one substitute student list will be published until the quota is filled within the specified period.)

Candidates who do not make their final registration within the term are deemed to have waived their rights and the substitute candidates are announced.

-Graduation Requirements

The program consists of a total of at least 120 ECTS credits -21 national credits and not less than 60 ECTS credits in an academic year-, including at least eight courses and thesis studies, including a seminar course. The program completion period is four semesters and the program is completed in maximum six semesters.

The student can graduate if s/he completes the ECTS credits in the first two semesters and completes at least one semester in his /her thesis study.

Non-Thesis Master’s Program

Admission Requirements

As ALES (Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam) and foreign language scores are not required for the non- thesis master’s program, the evaluations are made according to the highest grade according to the grade point average (GPA). In case of equality in ranking, priority is given to the student whose graduation date is the closest.

Graduation Requirements

The program consists of a total of 30 credits with a minimum of ten courses and a term project course, not less than 60 ECTS credits. Completion period of the program is at least two semesters, maximum three semesters. Students who have successfully completed credit courses and term project are awarded with a non-thesis master’s degree.

Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Kamil DEMİRCİ (Head of the Department)

Prof. Dr. Ekrem MEMİŞ

Prof. Dr. Süleyman BÜYÜKKARCI

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ŞAHİN

Dr. Cenk DEMİR

Dr. Suha Oğuz BAYTİMUR

Dr. Süleyman TEKİR

Dr. Tuğba KARA 

Dr.  Zekiye TUNÇ


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