The structure of our Department basically defines the interdisciplinary character of aquatic sciences. It consists of three Main Branches of education;

• Basic Sciences of Fisheries

• Marine Biology

• Freshwater Biology

Our Department has formed a large database of our surrounding seas with the researches that it has done in a short time since its establishment and has provided us to get detailed information about the dynamic structures of these aquatic environments. The objective of our studies are to establish a database that will enable us to protect our rights and interests on the international platforms by providing education and research to identify, save and optimally utilize the natural living and non-living resources of our seas and inland waters; to examine the physical, chemical and biological structure of aquatic environment; to describe the dynamic and ecological phenomena that occur in our seas. It is also the identification of marine protected areas and the detection of marine litter and micro-plastics.

The academic staffs have responsibility for teaching to undergraduate students, with field courses and lectures in Sinop. We also offer 2-year M.Sc. courses in Biology and Ecology of Aquatic Sciences, Environmental Science such as Aquatic Pollution, Toxicology and Marine Litter. 1 Professors, 1 Associate Professor and 7 Faculty Member is working in our department. The purpose of the program is transferring knowledge in the scientific field, manners and experiences, composition of the scientific foundations of the thesis work, making independent research, with the discipline of working in the field of scientific events with a broad and deep perspective on challenging comments, the ability to determine the steps necessary to achieve the new syntheses. In additional Graduate students engaged in academic studies, in terms of Ethics of Science with a holistic approach, and to transfer them to know the professional approach to training topics include hardware as academics. In our department, the main aim of graduate education is to educate scientists who can research independently. For this purpose, emphasis is placed on the importance of educating graduate students in our department of education, the importance of scientific research in postgraduate education, preparation of research project, student-thesis supervisor relationship, ethics in postgraduate education and writing thesis.

Our graduates can continue their academic careers at universities by providing the necessary conditions. They can work at institutions such as Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Industry and Technology and Municipalities. They can also find employment opportunities in the fisheries sector.

Academic Staff:

Prof. Dr. LEVENT BAT (Head of Department)
Assist. Prof. ŞENNAN YÜCEL
Assist. Prof. ÜNAL ÖZ
Assist. Prof. ALİ KARAÇUHA
Assist. Prof. FATİH ŞAHİN
Assist. Prof. FUNDA ÜSTÜN

 For lessons and other details: